Do you remember Khalid El-Amin?

エルアミン BULLS


当時のブルズは96-98 シーズンの3連覇後で、一気に弱小チームに変わっていましたが、ブルズひいきな私にとっては、エルアミン選手のガードの中でも小柄である事を自身が理解したプレースタイルがかなり好きでした。記憶に残っている人にとってはこのシーンも記憶にあるのかなと思ったりしております。

この試合は2001年のAll-Star weekend Rookie Game(NBAルーキー VS NBA2年目)での1コマ。2年目チームのスティーブ・フランシスとのマッチアップで愛嬌たっぷりな表情がなんかエルアミン選手のキャラクターを感じました。





I’m happy if this name sounds familiar to you.

He joined the Bulls in the second round of the 2000-2001 season with the fifth pick (34th overall) in the second round of the draft.
At the time, the Bulls had won three straight championships in the 96-98 season and were quickly becoming a smaller team, but as a Bulls fan, I liked El-Amin’s style of play as he understood that he was small, even among guards. I’m wondering if this scene will also be remembered by those who remember it.

This is a scene from the 2001 All-Star weekend Rookie Game (NBA Rookie vs. 2nd year NBA), and I felt El-Amin’s character in the matchup with Steve Francis of the 2nd year team with his charming expression.

As for other charming episodes, in the 2000-2001 season, the Bulls were losing the opening four straight games, and in the fifth game of the season, they played against the Magic, who had T-Mac at the time, and I was watching them with the expectation that they would naturally lose even if I was patronizing them. (It’s frustrating that there’s no video.)

He was a rookie at the time, and he was the reason I fell in love with El-Amin who was so passionate.
And the Bulls got their first win of the season, and near the end of the game, they slammed the ball into the court near half court and hugged T-Mac, who was right in front of them.

I think El-Amin must have been quite happy because he exploded with joy regardless of the team’s side, because the mood of the team would not be so good after 4 consecutive defeats, so I personally loved this scene! This is a story about